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1) What's better financing through my bank or the dealership?

The dealership usually offers better rates because of the volume we do. Also we receive an answer usually in less than 24 hours

2) If I have a credit line should I use that?

No! A credit line is a fluctuating rate and consumers usually pay the minimum payment. Although this may seem logical, simply put, your vehicle may take years to pay off tying up valuable money that may be needed for other things. It makes sense to have a regular payment plan. You will know your payments and can budget accordingly. Most importantly, you can decide what you are comfortable paying and the length of time needed to pay for your loan. The payment plan is geared to suit your personal needs, with no surprises.

3) What rates do you offer?

We have rates starting as low as 0.9% on select vehicles.

4) I am looking to purchase an older model vehicle, can it be financed?

Yes, here at Pickard Lane we can finance vehicles up to 10 model years old

5) How are the payments made?

Once you have agreed on a loan that works for you, you will provide our finance specialist with a void cheque that he will forward to your lender and payments will be made automatically. It's that simple.

The great news is… most of our loans can be paid off without penalties or interest before the term is up!